cki builders

Company profile:
fit-out /interior company for a decade


Company type(s):
Agent, Distributor, Importer, Manufacturer, Shop, Trader, Wholesaler

Products / Services:
Construction Materials: Aluminium Deck Railings, Asphalt, Autoclaved Aerated Blocks, Awning Windows, Barbed Wire Fences, Basalt Blocks, Basalt Bricks, Basalt Slabs, Basalt Tiles, Bay Windows, etc
Garden Products: Barbed Wire Fences, Brushwood Fencings, Chain-Link Fencings, Electric Fences, Fences, Palisades, Picket Fences, Roundpole Fences, Synthetic Fences, Welded Wire Mesh Fences, etc
Sanitary Ware: Basalt Tiles, Ceiling Tiles, Floor Tiles, Gneiss Tiles, Granite Tiles, Laterite Tiles, Marble Tiles, Quartzite Tiles, Roof Tiles, Sand Tiles, etc
Weapons: Mortars
Stones: Basalt Blocks, Gneiss Blocks, Granite Blocks, Marble Blocks, Quartzite Blocks, Slate Blocks, Tuff Blocks
Minerals: Gypsum
Household Products: Door Knockers, Door Viewers, Doorbells, Ladders


Export world part:


Number of branches:


Year of establishment:

Turn over:

< $ 1,000,000